Was Mr Keesing a Strict Teacher?


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As a character in Anne Frank’s diary, Mr. Keesing is portrayed as a strict teacher, but his demeanor and methods can be interpreted in various ways. Let’s take a deeper look into Mr. Keesing’s character and his interactions with Anne Frank in the context of his role as a teacher.

Mr. Keesing: A Strict Teacher or Something More?

Mr. Keesing is introduced in Anne Frank’s diary as one of her teachers at the Jewish Lyceum in Amsterdam during the period of hiding in the Secret Annex. While some may perceive him as a strict teacher due to his demanding nature and high expectations, others might view him as a disciplined educator who values order and academic excellence. It is essential to consider multiple perspectives when evaluating his character.

Mr. Keesing’s Authority and Expectations

  1. High Expectations: Mr. Keesing is depicted as having high expectations for his students, including Anne. He is known for his insistence on thoroughness and accuracy in assignments, which can be seen as a sign of his dedication to academic rigor.

  2. Strictness: Some passages in Anne Frank’s diary suggest that Mr. Keesing can be authoritarian and uncompromising when it comes to discipline. For example, he reprimands Anne for talking in class and challenges her to improve her behavior.

  3. Professionalism: Despite his strict demeanor, Mr. Keesing maintains a sense of professionalism in his interactions with students. He offers guidance and feedback to help them succeed academically.

Understanding Mr. Keesing’s Character

  1. Compassion: While Mr. Keesing’s strictness is evident, there are moments in the diary that hint at his underlying compassion. For instance, he shows concern for Anne’s well-being and mental health, recognizing the challenges she faces during the wartime.

  2. Role in Anne’s Development: Mr. Keesing’s role extends beyond being a mere authority figure in Anne’s life. He serves as a catalyst for her growth and self-reflection, pushing her to confront her shortcomings and strive for improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mr. Keesing:

  1. Was Mr. Keesing a supportive teacher to Anne Frank?
  2. While he was strict, Mr. Keesing did provide support and guidance to Anne, aiming to help her reach her academic potential.

  3. How did Anne Frank feel about Mr. Keesing as a teacher?

  4. Anne had mixed feelings about Mr. Keesing, oscillating between frustration with his discipline and appreciation for his dedication to her education.

  5. Did Mr. Keesing play a significant role in Anne’s personal development?

  6. Yes, Mr. Keesing’s influence on Anne went beyond academics, prompting her to reflect on her behavior and aspirations during a challenging period in history.

  7. What were some memorable interactions between Anne Frank and Mr. Keesing?

  8. Instances where Mr. Keesing corrected Anne’s behavior or praised her for her work showcase the dynamic between teacher and student in the diary.

  9. How did Mr. Keesing contribute to the atmosphere in the Secret Annex?

  10. Mr. Keesing’s presence as a teacher added a sense of normalcy to Anne’s secluded life, connecting her to the outside world through education.

In conclusion, while Mr. Keesing may come across as a strict teacher in Anne Frank’s diary, a nuanced examination of his character reveals a complex individual who blends authority with compassion in his role as an educator. His interactions with Anne shed light on the power dynamics, personal growth, and emotional nuances within the context of a challenging historical backdrop.

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