BCCI 2024 Contract List Released


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The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) recently released the much-anticipated contract list for the year 2024. This annual event generates excitement among players, fans, and cricket enthusiasts alike as it not only sheds light on the financial aspect of the sport but also serves as a barometer for a player’s standing within the national team setup.

Understanding the BCCI Contract System

The BCCI contract system categorizes players into different grades based on their performances and contributions to the team. These contracts not only provide financial security to the players but also motivate them to excel and maintain consistency in their performance.

The Importance of BCCI Contracts

Financial Stability and Security

  • BCCI contracts provide players with financial stability, ensuring that they can focus on their game without worrying about monetary issues.
  • The contracts guarantee a certain amount of annual retainer fee, match fees, and bonuses, depending on the player’s grade.

Recognition of Performance

  • Being awarded a higher-grade contract is a clear acknowledgment of a player’s skills and contributions to the team.
  • Players are keen to climb the ranks and earn a better grade contract, which serves as a motivation to perform at their best consistently.

Benefits and Incentives

  • Apart from the monetary benefits, BCCI contracts often come with additional perks such as endorsement deals, sponsorships, and appearance fees.
  • These incentives encourage players to maintain their public image and popularity, which can lead to further income opportunities.

The 2024 BCCI Contract List

The recently released BCCI contract list for 2024 includes players from different categories, ranging from Grade A+ to Grade C. Let’s delve deeper into the different grades and what they signify for the players:

Grade A+

  • Grade A+ contracts are reserved for the top-performing players in the Indian cricket team.
  • These players receive the highest retainer fee, match fees, and bonuses due to their consistent performance at the international level.
  • The number of players in this category is usually limited, showcasing the elite status of those who make the cut.

Grade A

  • Grade A contracts are awarded to established players who form the core of the national team.
  • These players have proven themselves on multiple occasions and are vital to the team’s success across formats.
  • Grade A contracts offer a competitive retainer fee and match fees, reflecting the player’s significance in the team setup.

Grade B

  • Grade B contracts cater to players who have shown potential and delivered performances that warrant a central contract.
  • These players are often on the cusp of breaking into the top echelon and are striving to establish themselves as regulars in the team.
  • Grade B contracts provide a solid financial base and act as a stepping stone for players to advance to higher grades.

Grade C

  • Grade C contracts encompass promising youngsters, domestic performers, and fringe players in the national team.
  • These players are seen as prospects for the future and are entrusted with opportunities to prove their mettle at the highest level.
  • Grade C contracts offer a more modest retainer fee but provide a platform for players to showcase their potential and rise through the ranks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What criteria does the BCCI consider while awarding contracts to players?
  2. The BCCI evaluates a player’s performance, consistency, contribution to the team, fitness levels, and form across formats before awarding contracts.

  3. Can a player’s contract grade change during the year based on performance?

  4. Yes, players have the opportunity to move up or down the contract grades based on their performances in international and domestic cricket.

  5. Do BCCI contracts cover fees for domestic matches as well?

  6. BCCI contracts primarily cover international matches, but players often receive additional fees and incentives for participating in domestic tournaments.

  7. Are players in Grade C contracts eligible for selection in all formats?

  8. Yes, players in Grade C contracts are considered for selection in all formats based on their performances and form, providing them with the opportunity to rise through the ranks.

  9. How do endorsement deals factor into a player’s overall earnings alongside BCCI contracts?

  10. Endorsement deals play a significant role in a player’s earnings, with top cricketers often earning a substantial amount through brand associations in addition to their BCCI contract earnings.


The release of the 2024 BCCI contract list not only brings financial security to players but also signifies the trust and recognition bestowed upon them by the cricket board. These contracts serve as a symbol of a player’s standing within the national team and act as a driving force for them to excel and maintain consistency in their performances. As fans eagerly await the upcoming cricketing action, the contract list sets the stage for another exciting year of cricket in India.

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