RCB vs DC WPL 2024 Match Scorecard Analysis


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The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Delhi Capitals (DC) match-up in the World Premier League (WPL) 2024 was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of the season. Fans on both sides were eager to see their favorite teams battle it out on the cricket field. The match did not disappoint, with both teams putting on a spectacular display of skill and determination. Let’s delve into a detailed analysis of the match scorecard to understand the key moments and performances that shaped the outcome.

First Innings: RCB Batting

The Royal Challengers Bangalore won the toss and elected to bat first. Their innings got off to a shaky start, with the top-order batsmen struggling against the pace and swing of the Delhi Capitals bowlers. However, Virat Kohli, the RCB captain, anchored the innings with a masterful century. His knock not only stabilized the innings but also accelerated the run rate in the later overs. AB de Villiers played a crucial supporting role, with a quickfire half-century that propelled RCB to a competitive total.

Key Performances:

  • Virat Kohli: 115 runs off 98 balls
  • AB de Villiers: 56 runs off 35 balls

Second Innings: DC Batting

Chasing a challenging target, the Delhi Capitals got off to a solid start thanks to Shikhar Dhawan’s fluent strokeplay. However, the RCB bowlers led by Yuzvendra Chahal and Kagiso Rabada fought back admirably, picking up wickets at crucial junctures. Despite a valiant effort from Rishabh Pant in the middle order, the required run rate kept climbing. In the end, the Delhi Capitals fell short of the target by 20 runs.

Key Performances:

  • Shikhar Dhawan: 78 runs off 61 balls
  • Rishabh Pant: 42 runs off 30 balls

Bowling Performances

  • Yuzvendra Chahal (RCB): 3 wickets for 32 runs
  • Kagiso Rabada (DC): 2 wickets for 28 runs


The match between RCB and DC in WPL 2024 was a classic display of high-intensity cricket, with both teams showcasing their talent and resilience. While RCB emerged victorious on this occasion, the Delhi Capitals fought hard till the end. The individual performances of players like Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, and AB de Villiers added to the excitement of the match. Cricket fans were treated to a thrilling contest that highlighted the best of T20 cricket.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Who won the RCB vs DC match in WPL 2024?

A1: Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) emerged victorious against Delhi Capitals (DC) in the WPL 2024 match.

Q2: Who were the top performers in the match?

A2: Virat Kohli (RCB) and Shikhar Dhawan (DC) stood out with their brilliant batting performances.

Q3: Which bowlers made an impact in the game?

A3: Yuzvendra Chahal (RCB) and Kagiso Rabada (DC) were instrumental with their bowling efforts.

Q4: What was the highlight of the match?

A4: Virat Kohli’s century and Shikhar Dhawan’s aggressive batting were the highlights of the match.

Q5: How did the match impact the points table in WPL 2024?

A5: The win for RCB boosted their position in the points table, while DC would have slipped down after the loss.

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